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Plumber's Bib Mount Kit - 1.25 in W/Head Flashing and Fasteners

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5/4 x 5.5 in x 5.5 in - Head Flashing and Fasteners Included

Plumber's Bib kit is designed for application during installation of plumbing fixtures and piping. The Plumber's kit fits most common bib and Frost-free bib fixtures and eliminates the necessity of a split mount after bib application. 

Tools required: Hammer, Pliers, and Screwdriver or Drill 

  • 100% Fiber Cement
  • For use with up to 1.25 in OD bib fittings
  • Piloted for installation by hand and positive connection between bib and mount without the need for drilling pilot holes
  • Installation Instructions included
  • Includes fasteners for mount, Head Flashing, and Bib apron.

Available Models:  #74 Smooth/Prime and #75 Rustic/Prime

Colors available:  Prime


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